¡Felicidades! Estableció su negocio, contrató a sus primeros empleados y ahora está listo para que su negocio crezca. Encuentre las herramientas que necesita aquí para ayudar a su empresa a alcanzar el siguiente nivel.


Advertising your business to the public will help you build your brand and get additional customers. Click here to learn about some effective marketing strategies.


Paying taxes is probably not the most exciting topic, but it is a necessary part of operating a business. Click here to learn what this process entails.

Emergency Preparedness

Even if operations are running smoothly, something unexpected could always happen. Learn how to prepare for these situations and keep your business safe.

Succession Planning

Thinking about retiring or leaving the business? These resources will help you smoothly exit the industry and possibly transition to new ownership.

Environmental Sustainability

Choosing to adopt environmentally sustainable business practices is not only good for the environment, but can also expand your customer base and save you money.

One on One Advising

The city of Durham and other local organizations offer free and affordable business consulting, helping you to optimize and grow your business.


Connecting with other people in the community can be a good way to get advice or spread the word about your business. Look here to find some resources to help you make those connections.