Marketing for Small Business Owners

Advertising your business to the public will help you build your brand and bring in new clients. Read on to learn how to market your small business. 

Market Research

Market research is the most important first step in creating a marketing strategy for your business.

Simply Analytics

  • SimplyAnalytics (on the Durham County Library website) gives business and marketing data on cities all across the country. Use this resource to better understand the business landscape and how current economic trends will affect your business.

Small Business Administration


Establish a clear business identity through branding. Think about what your business offers your clients and what kinds of emotions you want people to feel when they think of your business. This should guide your thinking as you create a logo to represent your business and get your business’ name out there.

Search Engines

You should also place your business on Google, so people can discover you and purchase your product.

Additional Resources

For more resources you can also check out EDPNC's small business resources.