Networking: Community Resources for Your Business

Connecting with other people in the community can be a good way to get advice or spread the word about your business. Look here to find some resources to help you learn how to network as a small business owner.

Getting Started

A large part of growing your business is networking. This allows you to get closer to the community, attract new customers, and possibly get advice from other small business owners in the area. Here are some resources for networking in the Durham community:

American Underground

  • Provides space for your startup and/or connects you to others in the Durham startup community.

Carolinas-Virginia Minority Supplier Diversity Business Council

  • Connects minority-owned businesses in order to better the process of bringing goods and services to the marketplace.


  • Durham’s nonprofit business alliance that educates consumers about the importance of local businesses, uses group-branding to help local businesses with marketing and advocates for local businesses in media and government.

Greater Durham Black Chamber of Commerce

  • A network of black entrepreneurs and other partners.

Additional Resources

For more resources you can also check out this list of resources from the EDPNC.